The One Thing You Need to Understand About Marketing

Hello, reader! Welcome to my blog. In this post, we are discussing what is marketing and how your day-to-day business affects your brand, position, and promoting efforts.
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What is Marketing?

The Business Dictionary defines marketing as “The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer.” And when you ask most people – for better or for worse – that is the answer you get.
When you ask lay people to define marketing, they usually go about the same meaning: pushing the goods. Whatever you need to do to get the product out there.
Unfortunately, when you ask most entrepreneurs and business owners, they go about answering the question the same way as the business untrained.
And while that is partially correct, it is only half the story. Because marketing is more than the work done by the people in your Marketing department. In fact, everybody within your business has something to do – one way or another – in the day-to-day marketing efforts of your company.
If we were to give the marketing a proper meaning, it would have to be “The daily efforts put forth by a company that builds their brand, positions them within their industry, and promotes their offers.”
In short, you can answer the question of “what is marketing?” by saying…

Marketing is Everything

From the moment your first employee arrives at your business, to the time the last employee leaves. Everything that happens within that period that is related to your business can be considered as marketing efforts. And that means everyone (including you) has a direct involvement, as well as a responsibility, in marketing your business.
Of course, the marketing department has the biggest role in presenting your business to customers. They are responsible for creating the promotional materials and campaigns that will put your target audience on notice about your offers. But it does not stop there.
For those promotional materials to have a positive effect in the future of the business, a lot of other factors must align with what you are promoting. And that is the aspect of marketing that involves everyone outside the marketing department.
If you want your promotional material to be effective, you must have an appealing brand to promote. Now, most people nowadays believe branding = content. Your brand is what your write on your blog or your posts on Facebook. And while, yes, that is part of the branding of your business, it is just a small part of your equation.
Branding is about emotional connection. And the ones who can create more of an emotional connection with your customers are your employees. Because the service and knowledge they can give the audience can a) amaze and captivate them or b) drive them away to the point of no return.
Which is why it is important to emphasize to every employee the fact that everything they do for the business – good and bad – is part of the business’ marketing efforts.

Eight Quick Marketing Tips for Marketing Success

Now, you might be thinking that you should watch every step you take – as well as your employees’ – to make sure you are sending the right message to your audience. And that might be true, but it is not as hard a process as you might think.
Here I am going to leave you with eight quick tips that will help you send out a sound, appealing marketing message to your audience:
  1. Establish a strong business mission. Make sure your audience knows what your business is about, that they are the people you are selling to, and the qualities you bring that would make their life better.
  2. Become a leader. Inspire your community to reach new heights. Challenge your personnel to bring their best all the time. Encourage management to be influential. And change the game to fit your way of playing.
  3. Be transparent. You do not have to let everyone know everything you do within the business. But sharing valuable information for your personnel and customers is important if you are looking for brand loyalty. White papers and case studies can help a long way in keeping clients and excellent employees.
  4. Under-promise and over-deliver. Take a page out of Disney’s playbook. Do not market yourself as “the best in the business” – those are HUGE shoes to fill. Instead, market yourself as a practical solution. The results the client gets might end up wowing them if they do not set ultra-high expectations.
  5. Invest in quality. Make sure you are offering the best your industry can present. If your offer is a product, invest in the good-to-excellent material. If it a service, drown yourself in knowledge so you can give the best service possible.
  6. Hire the best personnel. Employees are the reflection of your business. Hiring a great employee that offers excellent service and vast knowledge can easily create brand loyalty.
  7. Position your business correctly. Know what you have, and then let people know about it. You are an expert in your field – act like it, so people know it.
  8. Promote your business. Your target audience will not know of your offer if you don’t tell them about it. Advertise. Market yourself online. And do what you feel is necessary to get your message out there.
And remember – marketing is not the job of a department. It is the job of the whole company.

Do You Agree or Disagree?

How would you define marketing? And do you have any quick tips to share? Please take a moment and share your thoughts in the comments section below.